Read and Write for Google - Tip 4: Highlighting and Collecting Highlights

Have students use the highlighting tool when gathering information from a webpage. There are 4 colors available for highlighting.

To use the highlighters, highlight the text you want on the webpage with your touchpad or mouse, then click on one of the 4 colored highlighter buttons. You might use different colors for main idea and supporting details, etc.

To remove highlighting, you can click the Clear Highlights button. This will remove all highlights. To remove certain highlights, highlight the text with the touchpad or mouse, and then click the Clear Highlight button.

Once you have all the highlights you want, click the Collect Highlights button. You can choose to sort your highlights by color or position of the highlights on the page. This tool creates a new Google Doc with all of your highlights, and a hyperlink to the webpage that the text came from.


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