Honing math skills and having fun! Breakout EDU

A little while ago I mentioned that Breakout EDU was shaking things up and offering a paid platform for more subject area games. Having purchased the platform ($60/year - not bad!), I began looking through the new subject packs and found that there are many games that fit well with our curriculum. One such game I came across is called "Stump Up The Volume", which fit perfectly with the unit on volume that 5th grade is currently working on. Lucky for me, we have adventurous teachers in our district that are willing to innovate (and add a bit of fun to learning), so I am spending this week facilitating multiple sessions of Stump Up The Volume. I have seen 5th graders apply their learning about how to calculate the volume of a rectangular prism, as well as using their communication and collaboration skills. They aren't always successful at breaking into the box in the time allowed, but they persevere, and have fun in the process. Not a bad way to finish up school before winter break!

Image of students trying to open locks on a breakout box

Image of 5th graders solving a breakout box clue

Image of 5th graders posing with We Broke Out signs

Image of 5th graders posing with We Broke Out signs


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