New Year, New Show! innovatED - Episode #001

This season we've revamped our Chrome App Slam show, and are now called it innovatED. We wanted to move beyond the focus on Chrome apps into all things innovative for the classroom. There is still some debate about whether there will be an audience vote for a "winner", but we hope you find some useful tips to help you become an innovative teacher. As always, we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

Renee, Shaun, & Mike

BreakoutEDU Digital 
The same game principles from the breakout boxes apply to these games, but there is no physical component other than a laptop/Chromebook/desktop computer. Levels 1-4 are good for elementary, 4-6 for middle school, 6-8 for high school, and 8-10 for adults

How do you change the settings quickly and easily for all students in MobyMax?

Do you ever say, “I’m sorry about my drawing” to a room full of students? Never’s Auto Draw to help out with quick images!


  1. Love the new format!! It's a tough call on the winner this week...I'm going to have to choose Mike! That drawing tip will be very helpful for me! :) Thanks!


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