App Slam 11 with Exclusive Bonus Footage

Mozilla Thimble - An online code editor that makes it easy to create while learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript. Start from scratch, or remix an existing project.

Bitsbox - Feel like an actual coder by typing your program and seeing it work instantly on a simulated on screen tablet. It provides several fun starter tutorials that get students typing code. These get increasingly more complex, and you will find your students experimenting with variables relating to time, size, direction, and more!

Kids will go home and do this!

This is by far my favorite Hour of Code activity!

Coding with Chrome - Coding with Chrome is a Google project to provide an easy-to-use coding environment  within the Chrome browser that even works offline. Currently, users are able to create programs using Blockly, Coffeescript, HTML, Javascript with output to Logo Turtle and/or connected toys such as the Sphero, mBot and Lego Mindstorms.


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