CHMS PLP Activity - Spheros

As part of our work around PLP's, students at Camel's Hump Middle School participate in activities that they sign up for based upon their interests. The activities take place one morning a week for 4 weeks. Principal Mark Carbone explains, "The attempt is to expose young people to a variety of activities that they might not try otherwise". This trimester there are 26 activities that students can choose from including paper sword making, Arabic language, badminton, core fitness, and crafting for charity. 

This post highlights the tech-minded students. They are learning to code Sphero rolling robots to respond to commands. This group is facilitated by 7th grade teacher David Jensen. Mr. Jensen says that the first week, students learned to drive the Spheros around, but as the weeks go on the expectation is that they use more of the macro language to get the Spheros doing other things. Watch the video to see what these little robots can do!


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