App Slam #007

YouTube has a free audio library, which includes songs and sound effects that can be used in projects and presentations. You can access this by clicking on your Google avatar in YouTube, choosing Creator Studio, and then clicking on Create in the menu on the left side. Click on a song to preview it, and to see whether or not you need to give attribution. Click the download button next to the song/sound effect to download an mp3 file.

“Okay, Google” Voice Search

Google Chromebooks have a built in feature allowing you to search with your voice. This video shows the breadth of questions that can be asked, such as distances, unit conversions, math facts and formulas, photos, and more.

Evernote is a web-based app (but can still be found in the web store as an extension) that allows a TON of note taking options; however, the one that we focus on here is that you can easily add audio to your notes directly from your chromebook. It can be accessed/sync on all your devices...there’s even some Google Drive connections.  Check it out in the Web Store


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