Guest Blogger: Lila, 4th Grader

Meet our first guest blogger, 4th grade student Lila. She shared with us a special project that she and her classmates did in Mrs. Berliner's class at Richmond Elementary School.

It started when we learned all about Ecosystems. Our teacher said class we are going to write letters to the Richmond Conservation Commission!!! So we got out our crayons and paper and came up with an idea to conserve. I chose the Richmond Bike or RiverTrail. We drew a picture and wrote a letter and took a Voicethread of our Awesome thoughts. A short week later we sent our presentations to the Conservation Commission to show at their meeting!!! In a short week we got our response and they said YES…….YAY!!!! They would be delighted to protect some of our land!!!!!

The VoiceThread was also featured on the Richmond Land Trust Facebook page.

View the VoiceThread on Mrs. Berliner's blog.


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