BRMS Kicks Off Hour of Code Week

In the first and second math classes of the day in Noel Bumpas' class, 7th grade students were pleasantly surprised to learn that they would have the opportunity do some coding. Using the site, as well as for the more advanced coders, students were quickly engaged in coding activities with themes like Minecraft, Star Wars, and Flappy Bird.

After the hour, Mr. Bumpas asked the students to reflect on whether or not this felt like a worthwhile activity, and what they learned from doing it. Some of the answers were as follows:

"I learned that you can really alter a game in many ways."

"I learned that it takes a lot of work to create a game."

"I really enjoyed this activity."

"It was fun."

"I learned how to make a character make different noises and move in different ways."

And the very honest assessment from one student...

"I learned that I won’t be a computer programmer!"

Hour of Code officially happens this week, but you can get your hour in at any time. Go to to get started!


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