Teachers Using Technology: Spotlight #4 - Tech and Writing

Teachers at UCS used the November late start professional development time to learn about ways to integrate technology during writing instruction.

Heather Ferreira used an iPad to take a photo of student writing and stream it to the projector, reinforcing concepts from her minilesson. Using technology like this, teachers can actually create and harness the power of teachable moments.

After her lesson, Mrs. Ferreira reflected on the experience, saying "I feel like it added a new dimension to my teaching. The students were excited and invested, and so was I."

"I feel like it added a new dimension to my teaching." - Heather Ferreira
Later, Mrs. Ferreira played a short recording of a student reading for her students to analyze. Again, this was streaming from her iPad.  When the video was finished, students made positive statements, noting good pacing.

Students Analyze a Fluent Reader
Down the hall, Debbie Mayer was showing her students how to use Read and Write for Google to access digital text that might be above reading level, but not above comprehension. Mrs. Mayer was using the feature where the user highlights text on a web page and the computer reads it aloud (text-to-speech). She told her students "this is perfect to help us when we are researching for our informational writing."

Debbie Mayer Increasing Students' Access to Digital Text
Although this blog post highlights two teachers, other teachers at UCS are also using the same technology integration techniques. Some are also experimenting with using Evernote for organizing notes and student artifacts for from writing conferences. Way to go UCS teachers!


  1. Perfect examples of seamless use of technology in the classroom!


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