Teachers Using Technology: Spotlight # 1

One of the things we love to see is a technology-embedded lesson or unit coming to fruition with an amazing product that is meaningful and engaging to students. In our blog, we'd like to highlight those teachers, students and products we see that really show the essence of technology integration. Feel free to borrow these ideas!

The first spotlight post goes to Lisa Windhausen and Jeff Warren, two eighth grade Science teachers from Brown's River Middle School (and of course, their eighth grade students!). Lisa and Jeff recently taught a unit on Matter to their students, and then provided the technology integration piece in a culminating project. Students were asked to film a short video on the topic of heating and cooling gas to show what they had learned. The eighth graders then used WeVideo, a new tool for many of them, to edit their videos and to add narration. Finally, the videos were uploaded to a class Google Site, which was shared with 5th and 7th grade Science classes in the building. Those classes then watched the student videos in small groups, and gave their feedback on a Google Form.

Would you like to see the final product? Check out the following links to each class Google Site:
Ms. Windhausen - Class 1
Ms. Windhausen - Class 2
Mr. Warren - Class 1
Mr. Warren - Class 2
Mr. Warren - Class 3

If you have any suggestions for us on who we should highlight next, please let us know!


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