Read and Write for Google - Tip 2: Use Voice Comments in Google Docs

Voice Notes

If there is one thing we all like to do, it's record our own voices. If there are two things we like to do, it's listening to the recording being played back. If you're a student, you REALLY like doing those things.

But if you're a teacher, I have a reason for you to record yourself for your students. And it's a good a reason, believe you me.

As part of our Read and Write for Google tools, we have access to voice notes (which are the same as voice comments). It works the same way as leaving a written comment in a document, but instead of text, you'll see a little play button. 

One cool way to use it: Students appreciate a voice a comment from their teacher. It adds a more human connection, and for some students, audio comments are more accessible and can be listened to as many times as needed.

Another really powerful possibility: Also consider the possibility of students leaving comments on each other's' writing - asking questions and telling about what strategies they are noticing. Of course, students could also comment on their own writing to give some insight into their personal writing process.

Here is how you do it:

1) Open up a Doc that a student (or anyone) has shared with you.

2) Click the little purple "rw" puzzle piece to access the Read and Write for Google toolbar. 

The Read and Write for Google Toolbar

3) Highlight the portion of the text you would like to leave a voice comment on.

4) Click on the Voice Note icon from the Read and Write toolbar. 

5) Click on the Microphone icon to start recording. Note each comment can be a minute long at most.

6) Once you are done, click the stop button.

7) Then click insert.

8) The comment will then upload and be visible on the side, just as a text comment would be.


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