Read and Write for Google - Tip 1: Text to Speech

All teachers and students in our district have access to the full Read and Write for Google Extension. This tech integration blog will make a series of posts giving tips on how to access features that can benefit all students.

First, have you ever wanted students to access a web page with good information but was beyond their reading level? Read and Write for Google can help!

I'm on an Ankylosaurus page that I need the student to read and find physical features that help it survive. This page has perfect information, but many students can't fully access the text due to difficulty.

So, when this happens, instruct students to click the "rw" puzzle piece. These tools will pop up:

For now, we will focus on these: 


The speech balloon with a cursor over it activates text-to-speech whenever the student hovers over text with their cursor. This is useful in some cases, but it can also be annoying when a student moves the mouse away from the text he or she wants to read.

It is easier to highlight the text you wish to have read:

Then hit play: 

Read and Write highlights part of the sentence that it is reading in yellow, and the word it is currently reading in blue.

At any time, the student can hit pause  or stop . Switching tabs will automatically pause.

Many students find that they need the text to be read a little slower. To find the right speed for your student, click on the settings gear: . This Pops up:

The default is medium. Many students prefer slow.

Let us know if you would like us to meet with you and/or your class to show how to use this tool.


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