Google Classroom Extension - Push Websites to Your Students!

            Further proof that Google loves us and wants us to do good.

Yesterday, Google released a slew of new features to it's products (not just the ridiculous new logo - yuck). A very useful new tool is the Share to Classroom extension. This extension allows you to "push" websites to your students using your Google Classroom. This makes directing students to websites quite easy and can increase the efficiency of your classroom. With nothing but a click (or two), students will be sent the link that you want them to view.

Students can also send webpages to you - which would mean they could easily transmit a doc they are working on for your review.

The Mountain View company also hinted at the release of the Google Obey extension, which when clicked will submit a series of flashes and auditory tones to students, giving the teacher complete control over their minds.

Read Google's official blog post here, and use this link to install the Share to Classroom Chrome extension.

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