Google Classroom - Now with 20% More Beef

Fries are $1.50 Extra

Google Classroom is becoming a more robust option for a classroom LMS - thanks in large part to Google's response to teacher feedback. Check out the new Google Classroom Goodness here, or glance at the summary below. I guess you could look at both, if we're being technical.

    • • You can now have "question driven discussions." The teacher may setup the ability for students to respond to each other in a threaded way (like "discussions" you may see on Facebook, but hopefully more meaningful than that delicious omelette Aunt Theresa made this morning).
    • • Teachers can reuse assignments, questions, or announcements from any class they teach or co-teach. This is great for using assignments year to year.
    • • Calendar Integration! Coming in the next month, all assignments with a due date will be automatically added to class calendar - no effort at all will be required on your part, unless you want to add events like field trips or guest speakers.
    • • You can now bump a post to the top of the stream.
    • • Due dates are now optional.
    • • In the next few weeks, teachers and students will be able to attach Google Forms from Drive to posts and assignments and get a link to easily view answers. 


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