Greetings from your Technology Integration team!

As Technology Integration Specialists, our role is to support K-8 teachers in integrating the use of technology into the curricular units. Since formal technology classes are no longer offered to students at the middle school level, we will work with teachers to implement the new “push-in” model. This may involve calling on us for support, collaborating with us to develop ideas and find materials, and ideally, co-teaching in classrooms. We are both certified teachers with years of classroom teaching experience between us.

We will continue to work on developing technology standards that will be embedded in the CESU curricular units of study. Some of these standards were developed last year. Teachers will be responsible for assessing those standards this year.

In addition, we will be providing professional development activities directly related to the integrated use of technology in all content areas. We will regularly communicate information about training, curriculum materials, and other technology resources that are relevant to teachers. We know how quickly technology changes and that teachers don’t have the time to navigate all of the apps, websites, software, hardware, and other tools available to them. We are here to do it for them, and to guide them toward the tools that will best serve their needs and the needs of their students.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail at any time with any questions and/or suggestions you may have, or to schedule time with us.


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