Google Classroom Tips

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Many teachers across our SU have begun, or are fully using, Google Classroom. Before getting into the tips, it is helpful to quickly look at what Classroom is and how it can be useful.

What is it?

Classroom is Google's initial take on an LMS, but the main draw is the integration with Google Drive. While not as feature rich as Edmodo or Schoology, it may be useful for teachers who don't use those services, and even one's who do.

Why should I care?

Prior to Classroom, teachers typically shared and accessed documents with students individually or using folders.

With Classroom, teachers are able to streamline the process. After creating a classroom and inviting or having students sign up, teachers can create Google Docs (and some other files) to assign. When students are done, they can click "turn in" and submit their copy to you. These are automatically stored within the "Classroom" folder of Google Drive.

So, some tips:

1) Use the "About" section. Here, you can post links and files that students will frequently use or visit (these are called "Materials.")

2)  The announcements can be used in a similar way - post a link that you want students to go to so that they can get their quickly. This is better for links students won't need frequently.

3) Announcements can also be a place for a threaded discussion/brainstorming about a topic or questions for an assignment.

4) Assignments can be shared in 3 ways:

  • Students can view the assignment only - obviously, students will just look at it.
  • Students can edit the assignment - This means all students will edit the same exact document.
  • Students can edit a copy of the assignment - Students will get a copy of the assignment to edit and turn in to you. This is probably the most frequently used option.
5) Remember all assignments are stored in your "Classroom" folder (this is true for both students and teachers). Within the classroom folder, each assignment will have its own folder where they are stored.

6) There doesn't seem to be a limit to the number of "classrooms" you can have, so you could also use different classrooms for small groups.

7) As of right now, there doesn't seem to be a way to have two teachers in a classroom. 


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